6 years travelling to farms and meeting producers around the world led to this

Founded by Rithika Gupta, Ollie is the name on some very reasonably priced essential oils and natural, eco home and personal care products. Self-professed to be fanatically passionate about essential oils, Rithika sources the ingredients herself, travelling around the world to farms and essential oil producers. 

1What were you in ‘Life before Ollie’?

I was a computer science engineer and worked with a bank for five plus years. I quit that to start a wood fired pizza place in Bangalore.
My husband and I ran it for a few years and it was very well received!

2When did you start Ollie? What inspired you?

I moved to Singapore in 2014 and set up my wholesale essential oils business. I spent the next six years travelling around the world, meeting essential oil producers, visiting farms, learning and understanding this world that was new to me. The more I saw, the more I fell in love. I wanted to branch out into a direct-to-consumer brand, especially since I had access to fantastic quality products and wanted to share it with more people. That’s how Ollie started, in 2019.

3What was your brand’s first product? Why this product?

Essential Oils. Because that’s what I knew, and was familiar with. Soon after, we started to develop our range of natural home and personal care products that could benefit more people. Our hand sanitizer and mosquito repellent were the first two launches under this category.

4What’s your bestseller? Why?

The hand sanitiser. It’s really become a necessity and it also makes a really thoughtful gift for friends, family, teachers, colleagues, holiday seasons, wellness packages.


Ollie product hardest to make. Why? 

Essential oils. You need to be at the source where the ingredients are grown, there needs to be a distillation setup and expertise. 

With other products, the challenge is to find good quality natural ingredients and the finer details of formulation – getting the pH balance right so that it’s gentle on skin, or the ratio of different ingredients and the essential oils just right as the scent of one could influence the end product.

6Upcoming initiatives from Ollie?

We’ll be launching an ant repellent. One that’s effective, in a humane way. The smell literally makes the ants take a detour, as we witnessed during a test with the formula! And it’s perfectly safe for the family.

You heard it here first! #LOOQout for Ollie’s new ant repellent, and also some new essential oils.

7One or two Ollie products everyone should own!

Don’t leave home without the Mosquito Repellent and the Hand Sanitiser!

8Where’s the furthest you’ve been to source for ingredients? 

I took a 24 hour commute to Columbia, transiting in Europe and Bogota with my 6 month old son in tow. 

9What does being a clean, sustainable brand mean to you?

Do good to people and the planet. Sustainability is no longer an aspiration, it’s a necessity. As a producer of products, as a company, I’m in a position
of choice and I want to do what’s most ethical. Our latest step in the green direction are the 100% recycled PET bottles that we use for bigger sized packaging. 


What’s a personal care hack (using Ollie Oils,
of course) everyone should know about?

Oregano oil is a powerful antibiotic. For us living in a food-obsessed city
like Singapore, it’s always a good idea to have some on hand. Just a tiny drop into some yoghurt or honey when the stomach feels funny will cure it in no time!


What’s a homecare hack (using Ollie Oils, of course) everyone should know about?

Lemon or orange oil is perfect for removing the sticky label residue off your bottles. A couple of drops into some water and voila! You can also put it into a spray bottle and use it to clean your fridge, too.  


Living well philosophy?

Keep it moderate. Don’t be too rigid or extreme about things.
Anything in moderation is key, including use of essential oils.


Products in your LOOQAL shopping cart.

The Herb Farm Cleanser, JeannieRichard pearl dangle earrings, Reckless Ericka maxi dress, Fitta leggings. 

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