Our Mission

LOOQAL is committed to being the driving force and enabler for a community of purposeful lifestyle brands and conscious consumers. 

At LOOQAL, product creators and users become a force for good, collaborating to drive positive social and environmental changes.

“It has long been my aspiration to bring beautiful and unique heritage-based products to the global retail stage. The fact that I can do that, and help local social economies prosper, gets me through my worst self-doubt days.” – Joyce Teh, Founder of LOOQAL

More Than Just a Retail Space

We spotlight small, independent, impactful businesses which make beautiful, unique, quality products in small batches, while working in harmony with their communities and the environment, ensuring their best were made with minimal to zero impact on our planet’s resources, oceans and forests. 

We actively empower and assist these businesses in cultivating sustainable operations, while guiding consumers to make more mindful choices.

Embracing Transparency, Empowering Partnerships

At LOOQAL, we advocate transparent and collaborative relationships with our business partners. We understand symbiotic relationships are vital to our collective success – with this in mind, we strive to create an environment where mutual support and opportunities flourish.

To ensure alignment and shared values, we have set clear expectations for our merchants. We require them to embrace transparency in their businesses processes and share our commitment to driving positive change for the communities that we work with, and for, take care of the environment impacted by our business, and contribute towards preserving cultural heritage. 

We recognise that sustainable supply chains are in their infancy, causing raw materials and production to be costlier than non-sustainable mass productions, hence every commitment by a business to embark on a sustainable model, counts. Our LOOQAL Partner-Fit process serves as a robust framework to identify brands clear on their sustainability path, and to start, they only need to fulfil two or more of the following missions: uplifting communities, embracing fair-trade practices, showcasing artisanal craftsmanship, fostering diversity and inclusivity, and offering eco-friendly products. 

Empowering Conscious Choices

At LOOQAL, we empower our customers to make informed choices by clearly communicating how our partner brands and their products or services are socially and environmentally responsible. From apparel made from sustainable fabrics to kitchenware crafted from rescued felled trees, we cater to almost every aspect of our customers’ lives. 

LOOQAL’s Act Today page spotlights local and international activities that promote social, environmental and health positives. As an end-to-end sustainable lifestyle enabler, we are committed to catalysing our community to act. By curating an index of activities, including beach clean-ups and biodiversity tours, locations of food banks and receptacles for clothes and electronics, we want to provide anyone who pops into LOOQAL, the information and every opportunity to contribute towards a socially and environmentally-healthier community. 

To realise our customers’ desire to ‘give back’, and to contribute towards a socially and environmentally-healthier community, we created LOOQAL Green Dollars. With the programme, we donate the equivalent of 1% of every customer order value, to non-profit organisations that run social or environmental programmes, one of which is Aidha. With the financial literacy, computer literacy, communication and entrepreneurial skills programmes that Aidha runs for low-income Singapore women and migrant domestic workers, everyone who shops with LOOQAL contributes towards a more sustainable future for these women, their families, friends, even whole communities.

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