Reusable Cotton Rounds Set of 3


SGD 18.00

About The Product

Handcrafted. 100% Certified Organic Cotton.


Ditch one-time use disposable cotton wool & makeup wipes and swap them with these reusable cotton rounds for makeup removal, face cleansing, exfoliating etc. Handmade only from certified organic cotton yarn which are free from toxins or hazardous substances, hence supporting cleaner, healthier skin. Designed so that they are soft & gentle on your skin, while the textures gently exfoliate and help remove dirt & oil better.


Benefits - toxin-free - soft and gentle on skin - no microplastics - washable & reusable - biodegradable - zero-waste


Comes in a set of 3 in assorted colours.


Size: 6.5cm diameter


Product Care: Rinse well until water runs clear, squeeze out excess water & air dry in a well-ventilated area. For makeup stains, apply a spot of dishwashing soap or detergent and gently agitate. Follow by rinsing thoroughly. Machine washable in a net bag. Do not tumble dry.

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