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About The Product

Gift Bundle: Mother Nature’s Faves brings together Sedno, Ecolah and Goodness Gracious for a

vegan, gluten-free curation of premium pantry products for friends and family particular about healthy, additive-free foods. Goodness Gracious’ natural cotton beeswax wraps decked in festive prints add the perfect touch, for after-party storage!    

Bundle Includes: 

  • Sedno Sauerkraut, 820g nett weight 
  • Sedno Pickled Cucumbers with Chill, 650g nett weight 
  • Sedno Boletus Porcini Mushrooms, 250g 
  • Ecolah LC Spicy Peppers Sauce
  • Ecolah LC Tomato with Basil Jam
  • Ecolah Asparagus Jam
  • Goodness Gracious Beeswax Wraps (M size)
  • Goodness Gracious Beeswax Wraps (L size)


Pre-Curated Bundle Price: 83.00

Normal Price (total): SGD 92.30

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Our real passion is healthy living. From food made with love
to beauty and lifestyle products created independently
with care for nature.

The passion for healthy food is deeply rooted in Joanna’s DNA. Her parents thought her that good nutrition is a key to healthy life.

When she came to Asia, she immediately fell in love with vibrant cities, friendly people and beautiful nature. She also quickly discovered that choices available for good quality foods were not comparable to what she was used to. It seemed that most product were full of additives, colorants, sugar…well, the list could go on and on. She started looking for healthy organic foods and it became even more important when her children were born. Sedno Food was built on that deep belief that you are what you eat. Joanna wanted to create a brand, that would immediately strike a though: Sedno? Ah, it MUST be good for me! She wanted her clients to know they don’t even need to look at the ingredients to know it is healthy and also delicious.

With time her clients trusted the quality of the brand and started asking for other product such as toiletries. Products they could trust. This is how the idea of Sedno Lifestyle emerged. The goal was to create a curated selection of premium brands. Brands that are of unique European quality. Brands you can trust. Products you can buy without thinking because you know they are good for you.




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