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Introducing "Nature's Cleanse" - an eco-friendly dishwashing soap made with the perfect blend of nourishing coconut oil and natural soapnuts.
This sustainable and gentle formula not only effectively cleans your dishes but also cares for the environment.
Nature's Cleanse is free from harsh chemicals, synthetic fragrances, and harmful ingredients, making it a safe and eco-conscious choice for your daily dishwashing routine.
Experience the power of nature in every wash with Nature's Cleanse dish soap.
It’s time you stopped eating detergent
The traces of detergent left on your plate could harm you

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Commited To A Better Earth


Formulated and crafted by Dr Jyothi with her knowledge of the medicinal benefits of herbs and traditional cultural practices

Eco Conscious
Eco Conscious

Our handcrafted products are made natural and clean, using sustainable resources

No Nasties
No Nasties

Free from surfactants, detergents, SLS, preservatives


All our products, except the Nipple Balm with beeswax, is vegan

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