What is LOOQAL?

LOOQAL is the place that individuals from all parts of the world come to because they know they will find authentic businesses and products that have been produced with great attention to quality, form and function, and great consideration for the impact its production has had, and will have, on the environment and Nature.

It is the same place you know you will find clean beauty  brands that offer products that are mindfully created without any proven or even suspected harmful ingredients. Where ingredients are ethically sourced and products are made with the health of our bodies and the environment at heart. We have meticulously vetted these clean beauty products so that you can enjoy all that which clean and green beauty is about. With peace of mind. 

Many of these products were made by artisans with generations-old craft skills. Others were handcrafted by communities of women who had been rescued from trafficking and exploitative circumstances, re-skilled and now able to etch a living. Just as many, started as home industries with the germination of an idea, the desperation of an unmet need or the tipping point of a personal incident. 

Every brand on LOOQAL has a story to tell. Get to know them.

Leading the conscious beauty and fashion movement 

We set out to lead this movement because we are passionate about: 

Clean. Beauty and wellness products that are safe for us, and Nature.                                                          Conscious. Sustainable, circular and inclusive living.                                                                                          Authentic. Supporting founder-led, transparent, fairtrade and ethical businesses.                                    Community. Supporting small and local businesses and building a diverse community. 

“ We aim to nurture a society that is empowered, confident, conscious and empathetic. ”

Our Vision

We envision LOOQAL to be a community of people who are curious about other people, and their culture. People who look beyond the colour of skin and choice of faiths, beyond pronouns, beyond the action of some people’s forefathers, beyond people’s genuine mistakes.  

People who care about what’s going on around them; enough to want to make a positive difference. People who care about the legacy/Earth they’re leaving behind to their children, and their children. 

People who care about themselves and their loved ones, what they put into their bodies and what they put onto their skin.

Keeping it Genuine 

For our customers, the end-user. We source artisanal, unique and quality products made by authentic businesses. Additionally, we look out for labels that employ ethical and responsible production processes. 

We source clean beauty brands with products that are created without any proven or suspected harmful ingredients to humans nor damage to the environment. 

We will share information – you will hear from founders, formulators, designers, culture changers on products and their ingredients, materials and production processes, lifestyle paradigm shifts – in this educational journey towards a cleaner, healthier lifestyle and sustainable living.  

For our merchant partners. We promise genuine and transparent partnership and an environment and approach that will keep your brand essence intact. 

For society. Many businesses are not yet one hundred percent sustainable or eco as it takes time and investment, but we are, and will continue, moving in that direction. We believe this will encourage brand owners to do the same. 



To get a better idea of what we are passionate about, the amazing products we have on LOOQAL, and how to style and use them, take a first dive into our articles. And always come back for more, as we will be publishing stories regularly to EDITORIAL