7 quick colourful ways to elevate your black outfits

We love our all-black ensembles; sharp, edgy and super versatile, but there’d be days and occasions that call for a jolt of energy and a douse of sunshine. Vivien and Nadia show you how you can add immediate pizzazz to black with these beautiful select pieces from our favourite circular fashion brands KATbykat.k, Badt and Co., OliveAnkara, Binary Style and Hadasity.

By Rawan Hesham

LOOQ 1: Go bold, or go home!

Adding accessories to your look is simple yet very effective in transforming it. When it came to picking the pieces to style with Reckless Ericka’s Oversized Multi-Cinch Shirt Dress, we turned to
no other than KATbykat.k to pick out some one-of-a-kind pieces. 

We ended up going for the Libby Red Knottie Mesh Earrings, perfect for VIvien’s wispy shoulder-length hair while drawing attention to the face. To amp up the look, we paired them with the Iza Colour Drip Mesh Necklace. With that boldly coloured look on the top, we had to make sure the bottom half of the outfit isn’t looking too boring so we added the Fiona Black Espadrilles  by Badt and Co. to the mix. The scarf ties complete the look perfectly- bold, confident beauty with a touch of the romantic!

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LOOQ 2: Make a Statement!

Another great way to spice up black outfits is by adding a statement clothing item. We love OliveAnkara’s  Tambara Frill Skirt because yellow on black creates a beautiful striking contrast and brings a wave of cheeriness and warmth to your aura. 

On the feet, we styled it with Badt and Co.’s Tyson Wedge Espadrilles in Midnight Blue to not detract from, nor clash with the skirt yet provide a rich, royal touch to the ensemble.

For the final touches, we chose the Hadasity Knitted Together Cuff and Earrings Set–  classic, stylish. If you want to take it up a notch, use Binary Style’s Pearlbank Cotton Scarf as a headband- leave the ends flowy if you have long tresses, or tuck them in for short hair. 

We hope these looks have inspired you to add pizzazz to your outfits and fun to your days! Remember, there’s always a way to shine, even in the darkest of times.

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Editor: This month we are excited to officially kick off LOOQAL’s programme of featuring multi-hyphenate women as our models! Holding true to our vision of nurturing a society that is empowered, confident, conscious and empathetic, we pay tribute to these women who choose to empower themselves and positively impact their circles of influence. 

Nadia (@inner.maverick) is content creator, stylist and healthy living advocate and Vivien (@vvnloll) is makeup artist by profession. 

They lend their innate sense of style and joie de vivre to our fashion stories here and also in Bright, bold and beautiful>. Plus, Vivien interprets and shares her personal story on mental illness in It’s OK not to be OK>.

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