Bright, bold and beautiful: Lift your mood with colours!

There’s more to colour than meets the eye. On the outside, colours draw attention and create a mood. But on the inside, they can also help to change the way you feel. Here’s how you can lift your mood with colours and accessories!

By Michelle Tan

Try these colour-dressing style tips!

If you’re feeling stressed… wear blue or green.

These shades, especially in pastel or lighter tones, are said to give a calming effect, therefore lowering anxiety levels.

If you’re feeling demotivated… wear red or orange. These passionate hues are related to confidence and energy. As they say, always surround yourself with good energy!

If you’re feeling positive… wear white.

White is the colour of purity and hope, and can help you to maintain a clear, stable mind. This is also super easy to jazz up with pops of colour, like a statement bag or a bright lipstick.

If you’re feeling happy… wear yellow or pink.

Studies have shown that happy, healthy people tend to choose brighter shades. So the next time you feel kind of down, avoid greys and blacks and reach for something softer.

“Now that I have long, black hair, I’ve gone back to a more bohemian and vintage style of dressing. I always gravitate towards colours and prints!”

–  Nadia Rose, @inner.maverick 

Nadia’s colour-dressing tip: Style a multi-coloured top by finding matching-coloured bottoms. For example, if your top is blue, green and white, you can pair it with a blue denim skirt or plain white trousers!

Fashion accessories that make you feel happy: Thrifted bags! They come in so many different designs and prints, and I can easily style them with my outfits to lift my mood.

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“I love all colours! My personal style involved a lot of exploring different styles and  evolving as I go. Wear whatever makes you feel the cutest!”

– Vivien Loh, @vvnloll

Vivien’s colour-dressing tip: When in doubt, throw similar colours together.

How do you feel when you’re wearing this LOOQ? It made me feel elegant, fresh and precious, like a flower in bloom. Dressing up makes me happy and I’ll do it whenever my heart feels like it. The occasion is besides the point because I am my occasion.

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“I love my neutrals. I usually pair browns, mustards, nudes and whites so I’m very happy I was introduced to bold, coloured prints and bold necklaces in this shoot. I love how they immediately elevate an outfit!”

– Eunice Seet, @eunwithyoga

How do you feel wearing this LOOQ? Trendy, androgynous and chic! The jumpsuit and ergonomic shirt were really comfortable, making me feel very good about myself. It was a boost for my self confidence!

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Editor: This month we are excited to officially kick off LOOQAL’s programme of featuring multi-hyphenate women as our models! Holding true to our vision of nurturing a society that is empowered, confident, conscious and empathetic, we pay tribute to these women who choose to empower themselves and positively impact their circles of influence.  

Nadia (@inner.maverick) is content creator, stylist and healthy living advocate, Vivien (@vvnloll) is makeup artist by profession and Eunice (@eunwithyoga) is a yoga practitioner.

They lend their innate sense of style and joie de vivre to our fashion stories here and also in 7 quick colourful ways to elevate your black outfits>. Plus, Vivien interprets and shares her personal story on mental illness in It’s OK not to be OK>.

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