More Superfoods For Your Skin!

What benefits your body can be good for your skin too! Beauty gets more health-conscious with the addition of these nutrient-rich ingredients.

By Michelle Tan

Acai Berries

Acai has long been an important food source for indigenous people from the Amazon region. As a superfruit, the nutrient-dense berries are loaded with antioxidants, and help to improve cholesterol levels while protecting the immune system. 

On your hair: rich in omega fatty acids, it helps reduce hair loss. Vitamin C also nourishes the scalp with hydration and protection.

Oasis: Acai and Lavender Solid Shampoo comes in an adorable canele shape – just add water and lather up. Acai berries and healing herbs help your hair regain shine and strength. We love the zero-waste concept too!


Olives on your pizza, or not? Either way, they’re good for you. Even the leaves have lots of benefits – consumed as a tea, they can help with weight loss, heart health and breakouts. 

On your skin: repairs wounds, prevents irritation, fights inflammation.


Skinlycious Multi-Protection Mineral Sunscreen contains olive leaf extract, which nourishes and purifies skin to leave it calm and soothed. This mineral sunscreen is ultra-friendly for acne-prone skin!


There’s no mistaking that ink-red hue of beetroot, which is packed with essential vitamins and minerals that help to improve blood circulation and digestive health. Low in calories but high in nutrients, it’s a favourite among the health-conscious! 

On your skin: because beets are high in vitamin C and minerals, they’re considered an effective anti-aging and brightening ingredient.

W.ANT Beet This Honey Cleanser is the perfect wind-down after a long day, with certified organic beet powder and 60% raw honey to combat daily pollution for brighter, softer skin.


Whole grains are high in nutrients and fiber – integrated into your daily diet, they help to lower the risk of heart disesases, diabetes and chronic inflammation. 

On your skin: it reduces inflammation, the main culprit of sensitivity and aging. Multigrains also help lock in moisture and prevent skin from drying out. 

Forest Rhapsody Barrier Warrior harnesses the power of grains like quinoa, amaranth and soy, together with antioxidants and ceramides, to create a moisturizing gel that keeps skin intensely hydrated and supple. 


They don’t call it nature’s gold for nothing. Honey is a rich source of concentrated phytonutrients, known for its antioxidant, antibacterial and antifungal effects. Raw honey is a popular ingredient, thought to help improve immunity and prevent cancer. 

On your skin: beneficial for all skin types, honey’s antibacterial properties help keep oily and acne-prone skin in control, but its moisture-retention benefits work well for anti-aging and hydration too!

Rooki Honey Matcha Cleansing Drops is an award-winning cleanser with an amino-acid formula, lovingly made from an interesting blend of superfoods like honey, matcha and chia seeds. Dirt and dead skin cells are gently removed without stripping skin dry! 


Adding herbs like oregano, thyme and rosemary into your dishes doesn’t only improve the flavour, it also gives you an extra sprinkling of nutrients! Consuming herbs regularly helps to provide additional anti-inflammatory properties, which is beneficial for heart health and disease prevention.

On your skin: oregano has antibacterial and healing properties, thyme helps to soothe acne and inflammation, rosemary reduces swelling and is effective for skin ailments.

Liht Organics Youth Elixir Liquid Foundation is made from ingredients so natural; you can literally eat them! With an aloe-based formula, it contains oregano, thyme and rosemary extract to promote healing for sensitive skin.

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