She discovered she wasn’t the only one with ultra-sensitive and acne-prone skin

Skinlycious is skincare made for ultra-sensitive and acne-prone skin, organised into systems for three main age groups and different skin types. Its success stems from the fact that formulations are developed to address the real needs of real users and are tried and tested by Jasmine Kang, herself a sufferer of aggravated acne for more than 14 years and Skinlycious’ loyal customers (she calls them acne fighters). Its products are 5-free, does not contain essential oils nor EU’s 1300 banned chemicals and is toxicologist-certified.

1What was your “Life before Skinlycious”?

I graduated with a biomedical degree from the National University of Singapore and worked in the pharmaceutical industry for some years.
At the same time I kept my passion as a belly dancer alive by performing at company dinner and dance events with my troupe! At some point I moved to Indonesia with my hubby when he was posted there for work and that’s when I started Skinlycious.

2When did you start Skinlycious? What inspired you?

My husband and I lived in Indonesia for 7 years. Honestly, as an expat wife, I was bored. I had no business background, knew nothing about UVP, but I had my biomedical knowledge and I had a specific need due
to my ultra sensitive and acne-prone skin. I soon discovered that so did
a lot of other people. I started Skinlycious in 2013. 

That was 8 years ago and I continue to be inspired by the stories of fellow acne fighters. I am a mom to two young kids but stories like this, of an acne fighter finally finding her acne cure after 26 years of struggling, just keeps me going!

3What was your brand’s first product? Why this product?

It started with three products: The Calming Cleanser, Glow Exfoliant and Hydrating Serum. And these are the 3 products I personally cannot live without. 

The key to our acne-prone skin-friendly Calming Cleanser is a surfactant (cleansing agent) that doesn’t trigger our skin to produce more sebum after cleansing. Whey and lactic acid help to balance skin’s pH and calamine helps to soothe.

Having struggled with acne for so long, I believe I’m genetically acne prone, which means my skin cell turnover is slower than normal skin’s. I use the Glow Exfoliant as a full face exfoliant and it has helped normalise my skin. When I reduced the frequency of use little bumps reappeared, proving that the exfoliation did indeed help prevent my acne from recurring. 


Like all Skinlycious products, this glow exfoliant has been tried and tested by myself and other acne fighters, tested until our formulation proved that it was effective yet safe for our skins. 

Our Hydrating Serum does not cause my skin to become oilier nor breakout, and it’s the only type of moisturising formulation that I can use with confidence. 

4What’s your bestseller? Why do you think it’s that?

The Glow Exfoliant and Calming Cleanser. Most teenagers couldn’t be bothered to use more than one or two products so this is perfect for them as many see improvement in their acne condition just by using the Calming Cleanser. The Glow Exfoliant works for a lot of people too. The acne is reduced with just one application. Yes, it works that fast!

5Skinlycious product hardest to make. Why?

Our Multi-protection Mineral Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF30. Firstly, it’s difficult to achieve a high UVA protection of PA+++ and UVB protection of SPF 47 by using only minerals and no-chemical screens. Additionally, mineral screens tend to clog pores. I experimented so many times and broke out again and again before discovering the perfect golden ratio.

Secondly, it’s difficult to achieve a no-white cast effect without using non-nano ingredients. Additionally, it’s difficult to achieve a non-greasy,  non-sticky texture. I’m really happy and proud that we have achieved that with our Multi-protection Mineral Sunscreen!

6Truth or Myth: Natural skincare is less effective

To me it’s about finding the perfect ratio of natural and cosmeceutical ingredients. Lab-processed, cosmeceuticals can be more effective but certain ingredients like plant oils are irreplaceable. On the other hand, ingredients like retinol and peptide while found in nature, are very, very small percentages of its source. We need a good balance of both to formulate an effective product.

7One or two Skinlycious products everyone should own!

Definitely the Hydrating Serum. 63% of our skin cells are made up of water. Everyone needs to replenish and retain moisture in their skin. And the Multi-protection Mineral Sunscreen, to prevent skin ageing and skin cancer safely, using only mineral screens.

8What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced procuring ingredients?

Sourcing hexane-free, cold-pressed oils that are reasonably priced. Some of them, like natural vitamin E oil, are soy-based and soy oil clogs pores.

9What does being a clean, sustainable brand mean
to you?

It means making products that do not contain any nasties and are safe for myself and my family to be used on a daily basis. My young kids use my sunscreen and when my 7 year old’s eczema flares up, he uses the hydrating serum and it helps. 

Sustainable means not using exotic ingredients that would endanger them further. It also means being conscious of where we source our ingredients from and choosing options with lower carbon footprint. We use recyclable plastics instead of glass if possible, as plastics are lighter and require less packaging protection during shipping. Compared to plastics, glass requires more energy to produce and a lot of them end up being one-time use only so while glass seems to be the more obvious sustainable option, I personally think that recycled and recyclable plastics are greener options.


What’s a beauty hack (using Skinlycious, of course) everyone should know about?

Everyone has different degrees of skin dryness and you should customise your skincare system to provide the optimum moisture that your skin needs. You can do this by mixing the Hydrating Serum, Barrier Booster Moisturiser and Balancing Facial Oil.  Watch video here


What’s your favourite ingredient? Why?

I don’t have a favourite ingredient. I strive to formulate a good skin care product that is the perfect blend of ingredients, optimal concentration and the right pH. A good system  is where different ingredients for different purposes complement one another when used together.


Beauty philosophy?

Seek to understand your own skin, you should know it best. Good skin
is not just about skincare products, external factors like diet and lifestyle affects it, too.


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