Chemicals in makeup products caused her severe skin breakouts and hormonal disruptions

Discovering the fact that organic products effectively solved her skin problems, Nerissa Low decided to produce her own. Liht Organics is an organic and 100% natural makeup brand with products so clean that it boldly claims they are “Safe enough to eat”. Cruelty-free, gluten-free and vegan, Liht is the first organic makeup brand to be invited to open in the UAE.

1What was your ‘Life before Liht’? 

I was a financier, wealth management to be precise, for close to 16 years.

2When did you start Liht? What inspired you?

In my twenties I experienced severe hormonal disruption. My breakouts were so bad that I had to get steroid injections which got my skin terribly dehydrated and posed a threat to the health of my organs. I needed blood tests every so often. It was an arduous journey yet it did nothing to cure my condition. The breakouts would manifest each time I stopped steroid treatments. 

I started researching and learnt that chemicals in beauty products could cause hormonal disruptions, skin sensitivity and clogged pores, creating a vicious cycle of outbreaks. So, I decided to throw out my skincare and makeup and try organic products. My skin problems went away! It was a revelatory moment! 

Basically, I developed my own products because I needed authentic organic makeup (organic skincare was more readily available) for my own use, and there are a lot of women out there facing the same challenges. Liht Organics was launched in 2019.

3What was your brand’s first product?
Why this product? 

Liquid lipsticks and liquid foundations. Makeup base and lip colour are your quintessential makeup items and with our formulas being so clean and safe, we dared offer them as a makeup solution to even those who’ve just undergone aesthetic procedures. 

4What’s your bestseller? Why do you think it’s that?

The Youth Elixir Liquid Foundation because it offers amazing coverage yet is super lightweight.

The Dusk to Dawn Liquid Liner because it simply does not smudge!

5What’s the Liht product hardest to make?

The pencil liner. We want ours lead-free and it cannot smudge so it’s
been two years in R&D but we’re getting really close!

You read it here first! #LOOQout for Liht’s Pencil Liner launch.

7One or two Liht products everyone should own!

The Youth Elixir Liquid Foundation. Our formula gives amazing
coverage and with long-term use, your skin texture and skin tone
will improve. 

The Color-Intense Liquid Lipstick. It’s got brilliant colour payoff!

6Truth or Myth: Natural skincare is less effective.

Products with chemicals show fast results that are not necessarily sustainable. With natural skincare, it takes time to see visible effects but, the benefit to your skin is long-term and sustainable. What more with organic ingredients. Its nutrition level and nutritional benefit is obvious. You can tell even from consuming it.

8What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced procuring ingredients?

Non-lead leads for pencil liners. And because we use crushed flower
petals for our blushers, it does limit the range of shades we can develop. 

9What does being a clean, sustainable brand mean
to you?

It’s important to us that the ingredients we procure are farmed and harvested ethically, they have to be sustainable and fairtrade. We want
to be one hundred percent green and sustainable but at this point, there are instances where we have to compromise. For example, we do not get to print with soy ink but we make our product containers refillable. This reduces wastage, and our customers can replenish what they need versus buying a whole new palette. In our Middle East stores we run a recycling programme to collect used bottles. Liht also supports planet-related causes and donates to the Marine Conservation Institute and the Rain Forest Trust.


What’s a beauty hack (using Liht, of course) everyone should know about?

Use your lipstick or gloss as a blush to give a matte look! Everyone should have fun with their makeup.


What’s your favourite ingredient? Why?

The aloe barbadensis for its many healthful antioxidant, antibacterial, wound healing-accelerating properties especially beneficial to addressing acne, psoriasis and eczema. And the chamomile extract which is very effective in calming skin inflammations.


Beauty Philosophy?

Beauty is more than skin deep. More importantly, we need to be healthy emotionally and mentally.


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