How to wear prints with basics

Nothing says fashion statement better than when you wear prints! All you need are a few distinct printed lovelies and you will have multitudes of fashionable and legit ways to get more wear out of your closet. We show you how to wear prints with basics. 

By Rawan Hesham

First LOOQ

Let’s take the simple white shirt and jeans look, a classic in every closet. On days you want to look a little extra, prints can transform it into a much bolder look. The first option would be to wear a printed bustier over the shirt. We love the OliveAnkara Deka Medley Corsets because of their unique patterns. The bustier also hugs the body beautifully to create an elegant silhouette.

Second LOOQ

If you don’t have a bustier, you can achieve the look with a scarf! There are so many ways you can tie a scarf as a top to take your outfit to the next level. We love Binary Style’s scarves because of their beautiful combo of colours; they work with almost anything. For more summery looks, you can use the scarf as a belt for your favourite dress or even as a bustier over more flowy dresses. You can also wear a scarf as a turban with monochromatic outfits for a dramatic contrast.

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Third LOOQ

You can also incorporate prints in a more ‘unusual’ place: Shoes! Shoes with simple print details can be a nice chic touch. The Globo Black Espadrilles by Badt and Co. elevate any simple outfit enough to make it more fun and playful, but still wearable.

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